Custom-fit electrical connectors meeting the toughest requirements regarding ruggedness, quality and precision.


XC90 USB Center Console

USB to XC90 center console testing. The dimensions were significantly smaller than they usually are, requiring a smaller spring probe. Finer tolerances were needed when connecting to the conductor tracks and multiple rounds of prototyping were required before we found the correct fit with the accuracy of a hundredth of a millimeter.


MSD Measuring Adapter

Measurement of the battery powering the XC90 hybrid car. High voltages and currents place high demands on electrical isolation. Measurement of the battery status in a completed hybrid car. Measurements are done in the driver’s compartment where panels and interiors place high demand on the final product. We like it like that!


Ethernet Connector

Testing the connection of the Ethernet connector to the car’s computer network (in between the instrument panel and the center console). Very small dimensions: five access points within a quarter of a square centimeter. Requiring finer tolerances and the smallest spring probe possible.


Air Suspension Connector

Directs air into the suspensions by actuating the valves. In this case our challenge was the positional accuracy needed to attach to minute sockets mounted behind a narrow grid. They can be connected as frequent as 1500 times/day.


Front Fixture

Measurement and control of the truck's electrical system through the cab grommet containing a large number of connectors on a grid. A couple of the requirements were ergonomic and modular design. Developed for a new generation of medium-duty trucks.


Opel Seat Connector

Developed for the plant where Opel manufacture their car seats. Requirements for this project were compact design and security. When connecting, the seat connector needed to break the circuit of the airbag system to prevent the airbag from deploying.


ECU Programming

A software development tool for a unit that needs to be programmable while mounted inside a truck. A lot of effort was put into figuring out the easiest way for the operator to access the unit.


About iterocon

Binar Solutions manufactures our own connectors through the Iterocon brand, which means Iterate and Connect.


Our connectors bears to be connected over, and over again, and then one more time. Setting up things to function once isn’t enough. After hundreds of thousands of connections they still need to work as smoothly as if they had just been connected for the first time. Securing this kind of durability requires stubbornness. Quality doesn’t just happen; you need to work hard to achieve it.


Maybe we succeed because we combine our passion with our mission. We simply appreciate industrial technology. Finding the best solutions for our clients, securing their quality, and later manufacturing them, is something we genuinely enjoy doing. If you have high demands, we have your solution.

Our robust electrical connectors have repeatedly been proven to align with the strictest requirements. This is something we take pride in. We always strive to be the best in the world at robust electrical connectors. We don’t settle for anything less than meeting the toughest demands regarding ruggedness, durability, quality and precision. Our expertise is great in electronics, automation, mechanics, and cable manufacturing.


We can offer our clients everything from stand-alone connectors and fixtures, to complete solutions integrated in the customers automation process.


The idea is as simple as this: Through our brand Iterocon we manufacture and deliver robust, secure, and reliable solutions that are such a great fit for the clients that they will never want anything else. Custom-built, high-quality products, and solutions that help improving the (work) life of the client, making it more accommodating.


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It is no coincidence that the companies like:

Scania AB


AB Volvo

Renault Trucks

UD Trucks

Mack Trucks

Midroc Automation

Volvo Cars


Johnson Controls


Rockwell Automation


and Jernia has chosen to use Iterocon products in their production. We tolerate simply be tested also by you!


Electrical connections are actually easy. If you get it right. Which may be hard. It comes down to simple, obvious factors such as physical placements, type of manufacturing plant, factory buildings, production chain, human factors, processes and so on. After taking these factors into consideration we often suggest improvements outside of our client’s original request, so we can create the most simplified and smooth running installation possible. Binar Solutions is part of a major process, a whole, and our expertise within industrial electronics is extensive.

We start our projects with a pilot study. Based on our findings we give our client a clear proposal where our custom-fit solution is presented in detail. When there are surprises along the way we handle them; they never affect the final delivery. After the final delivery there are no surprises, by then we already know it all. Binar Solutions, as well as our products, are hardy and keep our promises.


It is as simple as it sounds. When we know what you want, we start building models. The most efficient way to begin is by making 3D simulations. By creating 3D models we are able to connect our product to the client’s opposing connector and test the construction digitally. In the next step we create prototypes with rapid prototyping (FDM) to validate the construction in real-life conditions. After constructing the product and securing that everything is flawless, never-failing, and functioning exactly as both the customer and ITEROCON desire, we can initiate serial production.


ITEROCON AB adjusts materials and the production method after client-specific requirements, setting and size of the production series. All final assembly is done in ITEROCON’s own factory, where we also have the capacity to manufacture details. Some parts are manufactured by our carefully selected suppliers. We settle for nothing less than perfection and keep meticulous track of all production stages. During and after the assembly all details and final products go through rigorous testing to make sure they meet our high set standards.

We always keep our promises and we always do what we excel at – delivering a flawless, unique, durable and rugged final product.


Downtime is an operational disaster usually occurring when least expected. Often the root cause is poor maintenance; wear parts haven’t been serviced in due time. This is why we offer ongoing maintenance of our products to secure operational reliability.

During product launches we often assist our clients in the commissioning to prevent stoppages from occurring in the production line. To secure the entire production chain, we are frequently entrusted with the responsibility to install products from other vendors in connection to ours.

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